Vanity Fair


Let us not be decieved, sisters, the pathway is difficult and full of trouble. We walk this world knowing it is false and leads people into a slavery that we cannot see. Vanity Fair will dislodge your faith and blind you to dangers. It will firmly hold you fast and keep you comfortable….

Caught up in the trip of a lifetime
Through the streets of Vanity Fair
Leading you a dance to the playground
Your life’s wish will be always laid bare.

We skip like there’s no tomorrow
The dawn will never recede
Like a game but a pawn on the playboard
At the whim of a master indeed.

The sights make me dazzle and wonder
Such interest that fills up my sight
Owning to me, such baubles as treasure
Is my daily and lifelong delight.

The crowds are so kindly and thoughtful
Bringing me a sense I belong
As I follow the procession down the high street
I become a part of the throng.

The filth, the oppression I fail to see
Taken up with the here and the now
Souls slave and hands are exploited
To see what the fair will allow.

As the mountain of debt and the squalor
Are masked by the glamorous highs
A veil over the eyes of the city
Gives birth to the offspring of lies.



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