The gale


The storm batters our bark as we brave the gale
Over the sea of life’s certain voyage to sail
Mainsails down we are tossed too and fro
At the mercy of the winds that wildly blow.

“All is lost!” the Marriner does vainly call
The waves break repeatedly over timbers all
She plunges down one last and final dip
The briny claims it’s own in a salty grip.

Down and down the vessel sinks
Hope seems lost, but a small light blinks
In the gloom a lantern beacons fast
To save the ship from the crushing grasp.

Follow the light, no matter how dimly small
As sailors sail she will lead them through and all
The lamp of wisdom’s bright and growing beam
Up the ramp of the waves as an ebbing seam.

Once more the daylight breaks as the hull cuts through
A vessel rescued from a shipwreck due
Up onto the surface the timbers hope portray
Gathering up the canvas facing the spray….

The bow pierces the heaving weary seas
The Mariners heave a sigh of relief as the breeze
Catches the mood and the driving rain appease
The fury of the tempest lies down and atrophies.

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