Mary, the mother of JESUS


They talk behind their hands
Even when I am by their side
I have become an outcast and unclean
All I do and say they secretly deride.
Fear has become my housemate
Things are not going as they should
Though unmarried and pure of heart
Gone is my maidenhood.
My burden is too hard to carry
Someone should stand by my hurt
Even Joseph is worried and unbelieving
Love to hate seems to slowly convert.
I believe in my God most holy
And trusting I take a low place
What ever is happening his perfect will
Will keep me in his grace.
Last night a glimmering angel
Spoke to me about His plan
To save a sinful, fallen world
And send the perfect man.
That man is to be born of me
How can such blessing be given
To one so small and lowly
By the Son of God forgiven.
My Saviour is my father
The Son born from my womb
Eternal God visiting Earth
To save us from the tomb.
I bow my knees in wonder
Because God has chosen me
To care for Him and keep Him safe
His earthly mother to be.
Yet look not closely at my life
I point to my Son alone
My Saviour and the Holy One
Who’s cross the way has shown.
The derision I have suffered
Friends to enemies have become
Yet to know my son – my Saviour
He my everlasting ransom.

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