Getting power


In tough times we change. Often we look for help, but there is none. Its no ones fault, but family and friends can be far away, even if they are right beside us. The truth is, no other person can enter the inner chamber of the soul, and read it and know it accurately. Only our precious Saviour can do that, and how well he knows us.

The absence of support causes initial pain and pity as we look for and thrash about for aid. Until we come to notice that God is near. When we call to him he strengthens us for real, and gives us courage, power and resilience to stand against the tides that beat on our lives.

This is what makes us strong. Help from others, can actually make us weak, because we rest on them and not on Christ and use their strength, rather than build our own.

For many of His children, God places them in situations where they are going to sink or swim. I will sink if I rely on myself, and I will swim if I trust in him. I have watched other Christians and myself, struggle and struggle, and call to people, with no avail…

The effect is, a new person, who has determination and power to face life’s difficulties, and prevail! A person who can make decisions, organize themselves and others, and has the backbone to say what they would like or nor like. Only God can do this. If we try ourselves we may become doggedly persistent, but there will be bitterness and resentment too.

Power is not what we think. It is not being able to get what we want by persuasion or force, but a relying on God to work in us and make us the women we are not. God’s daughters are not passive and sedentary, but vibrant livers of life for his glory.

Don’t worry or fret about troubles, even they are all in the plan, and your all powerful God will build you up and make you a power house for His glory among the people who are around you.



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