In the twilight


Surely there was no misery like this. Her Lord and truly beloved had been killed in front of her eyes and was dead and buried… The end of the game… He broke his word.

She so trusted in him and believed in the new life forever with him, but look how it ended- agony, loneliness and death.

As she walked to the tomb early on Sunday morning her thoughts consumed her and the circular mind processes, leading downward into the grave, had taken hold. In the darkness, not even the light of the waning moon helped to brighten the scene.

The dark silhouette of a figure walked towards her.

Instantly she suspected the worst. This was a soldier, stealing away the body of her Lord. Her mind raced- How could he! – the corpse was all she had left – had he no pity..!

He stopped, just out of arms length… “Mary” he said. Before the last syllable had struck the air, she knew. She sank to the earth and stretched out glad hands to grasp his feet.

“Not yet, Mary, I will see my Father first.”

The joy Mary felt at that moment never left her again. He had kept his promise and He was who she knew Him to be. It was then she realised all the words He had spoken to her before that awful day, and the realisation of their truth and power pervaded her soul. She saw His grace, that even in the intonations of His familiar voice, brought peace and an overwhelming joy.

Everything was now different and different forever.

She didn’t need to hold on to Him, He was right with her all along…

The voice

We have all heard that voice telling us to leave all and follow the Master. He is the only one to listen to and where he leads is the perfect way, even though it can be so dark. He calls us to leave the world and sinful ways, and walk the paths of righteousness, for His names sake.

He speaks again, to leave the dearest things and count them as nothing, compared to knowing His own self. To put desire and earthly joys to one side and seek closeness and security in His company.

The voice calls out to leave all and follow Him… JESUS, our dearest friend and the one we have set our hearts upon asks that we let it go and rejoice in trust. He is the Might God and Eternal Son of the Father. He is able. He is worthy.

JESUS may we think on you.

Daughters of the kingdom


To be a daughter of the kingdom is the pinnacle of God’s grace toward a woman. It is the highest point of value and glory, yet also the place of service and dependence. It is GOD himself, through the sacrifice of his son JESUS CHRIST, that brings us to this place of joy, and the gracious HOLY SPIRIT who opens our eyes to believe.

This is the challenge for all those who follow JESUS and seek to walk as He did for the glory of God and not themselves.

God calls women into His family and to be rulers with Christ in His everlasting kingdom, joint heir with Jesus Christ, and partakers of His glory and power. The pathway to heaven is one of sacrifice and a laying down our lives for the sake of our Saviour and to be like Him in all we do and say. This will also involve giving ourselves up for the sake of others, seen and unseen sacrifices, and to serve those he sends us to. Some we may feel deserve these gifts, and others not, but this is not our judgment. Obedience to the father, is our standard, just as it was for The Lord Jesus, in all He did and said.

Let us not baulk at the journey, of the steepness of the hills, or the deep waters we must go through, but have our eyes fixed on His person, and our thoughts remembering His word and our feet every ready with the gospel of peace.

Women who glorify God