“And who also informed us of your love in the Spirit.”

Epaphras talks to the Apostle about the church at Colosse and gives him information about their practical and spiritual state. He shares the situation in the church with the Apostle and involves him because the knows that Paul is interested in the spiritual welfare of the congregation and Epaphras seeks further teaching and encouragement for them.

Paul is struck by the love of the people in the Spirit of God. There is really no love without the Spirit and Paul understands the outworking of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the believers at Colosse because of the reports he gets from Epaphras. This is striking in that their love is obvious to Paul even though he has never met them.

Beloved, does our reputation for love go before us? Do people see that we love the people of God and the souls of those who are lost? Our hearts should be drawn to sisters and brothers in Christ and also to those who need the Lord in salvation. Love is the defining mark of the Christian and it should be obvious to those who know the Lord themselves and those who do not.

Our greatest love is for the Lord Jesus and His word, and we treasure Him above all things.

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