We will be like him

“Beloved, now we are children of God, and it is not yet revealed what we will be. But we know that, when he is revealed, we will be like him; for we will see him just as he is.”

The position of our salvation is affirmed. We are the children of God, part of the family of God and truly beloved. What a glorious estate to find oneself in! People who have been under the jackboot of sin and death and are now free from it. People who were under sentence of eternal rejection and to pay the just penalty for our sin, and are now utterly free. People who were destitute in every way, indeed in the position of grave debts to God and all are now forgiven and covered! Should we not rejoice?

The Scripture enjoins us to rejoice, every day and in all circumstances. The reason we don’t, is we forget and lose sight of our eternal position and the extreme blessings we possess in the Lord our God. We lose sight of the beauty of our Saviour and Lord and become too enamoured by the trivialities of this life. The fact remains, whatever our mindset today, we are children of God. 

Even though these blessed truths are revealed to us in the Scripture, there is so much more that is kept from us. We are more than we think we are. We are the very inheritors of the throne of God the sisters and brothers of the King of Kings and the equal family members of the ruler of the Universe, and yet there is more! 

We cannot conceive of what that might be and so it is kept from us until we enter into our inheritance in heaven, in the coming kingdom. We will one day be full of realisation of what has been done for us, bought for us and such a price. We will see anew the love of Christ for us as His people and be amazed again and again…

We will inherit all things, but best of all we will be like our beloved Saviour, for we shall see Him as He is. We will suddenly and completely understand our position in the everlasting pecking order beside our dear Lord and will serve Him with every fibre of our being. What will we be like in heaven? What state will our bodies be in? What age will we be as everlasting souls to God? 

Our bodies will be glorified and enter a state where they cannot die. There will be no need of food systems, sewage systems, health systems, business systems, or any earthy institution, only grace and love and LIFE! Life will bloom out of everything we do and everything will bring glory to us and the Lord. We will finally serve Him with great and perfect love and devotion with clean hearts, minds, bodies and souls. All the remnants of sin will be gone. All the spectres of death that haunt us will finally be put to rest. There will be no churches or graveyards, but only living mansions to the grace of God. 

We will be like JESUS. We will live in heaven at the peak of our human vitality and life. Probably in the flower of mid-age, the age that our Lord Jesus laid down His life for us. The presence of Him will be everywhere and with us at all times. We will never be lonely or left to our own devices ever again, for His delightful presence will be always with us. We will have free direct access to him, spiritual Him and physical Him. What a joy to be his blessed bride and live with Him forever! We will receive our hearts desire, to shed the life of sin and enter the life of Jesus and ever be equal to His love. 

We will see Him who our soul loves and who is the lover of our soul. We will

be fully satisfied with Him and ever live in his embrace. The longing will be finally over and we will see Him face to face and see the effects of all He has done for us. 

“They will see his face, and his name will be on their foreheads.”

Revelation 22:4

We will love and live the imprint of His character on our souls and we will recognise Him in each other, knowing the family resemblance to our Saviour. It will be the pinnacle of our searching and longing in this foolish world and our sight of it should lift us out of the here and now and cause us to rejoice in our inheritance.

“… to an incorruptible and undefiled inheritance that doesn’t fade away, reserved in Heaven for you…”

1 Peter 1:4

So, beloved, let us lift our hearts and voices to Him everyday and be exultant at what is ahead for us. Let us not be bowed down at our failures and afflictions, but praise our Lord with souls, minds and lift holy hands to Him. Let us rejoice to labour to be like Him in this world and show the people around us what He is really like. Let us seek his likeness and throw off every encumbrance that would keep us from it…

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