Psalm 150

Please read Psalm 150 (6 verses)

In this short final Psalm, we are called upon to praise the Lord 13 times!

The praises to the Lord go into overdrive and we offer a multitude of worship and adoration of our God and Saviour. The Psalm is sandwiched with the phrase, “Praise the Lord…”

We praise Him in His holy sanctuary and praise Him in the highest of heavens, where His praise always resounds. We praise Him for who He is and His acts of supernatural and surpassing power. His greatness is reflected everywhere in the created order, in His holy Word and in the lives of His people.

We praise Him with every kind of musical instrument at our disposal, the trumpet, guitar, saxophone, tambourine, violin, clarinet and the resounding clashing of the triumphant cymbals. What a cacophony of sound will fill the air as every musician and singer gives the praise to the Lord!

Along with the music we have dancing and the physical expression of our devotion and creative interpretations for His glory.

Beloved, we are seriously missing out not to be involved in this glorious activity of praise, one that we are made for, and brings us such joy and peace. The worship of our maker is our deepest need and most longed for activity, if we did but understand it.

The psalmist calls on every living thing that has breath in its lungs to praise the one who made it and loves it and who loves us. He has done everything to bring us to a full life and we adore His love and power that has made this possible. Why hold back…

Praise the LORD…

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