Psalm 138

Please read Psalm 138 (8 verses)

The sovereignty of the God who is involved with us and our world stands supreme. We praise Him with great joy for His unfailing love and how He has stood by His people through all trials. As we enter His temple we bow ourselves to His power and authority. The commands of God are our daily delight as He has exalted them for they are written on the psyche of every human and testified to by our conscience. We obey them and have the liberty to call out to His name with great boldness, for He has promised to answer us and work all things for our good. This is the privileged position of the Christian believer.

The high and lifted up members of society are also included, for the queens and kings of the earth also bow to the Lord. He lifts them to their position and they depend on Him for daily sustenance, just as the rest of society. All knees will bow, and how much wiser to bow in love rather than fear? Most do not realise their situation before the Lord and take privilege for granted, and therefore are proud and conceited in their opinions and beliefs.

Those who are lifted up are regarded by the Lord at a distance, but the needy He relates to close up and personal. Pride always gets in the way of our personal relationship with Christ, and when we are regarded in this world, it can distract us from humility and deviate our thinking from dependency on God. Those who walk through this life with trouble are singled out for blessing and the especial presence of the Lord. No one can touch them or take them away from His nearness and the daily realisation that they are His. Though many refute and neglect the believer; though they may be left out of this world’s reckonings; though enemies may rise up to oppress, yet the Lord remains faithful. They will one day be vindicated and enter into their spiritual and everlasting inheritance in the coming kingdom.

God does not see as we see. We do not understand His dealings with the whole world, but we trust His sovereign love and power in our own lives, which we can see. Let us do all necessary to remain close to Him and throw off all that hinders our progress in holiness. The Lord will never abandon us.

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