Psalm 136

Please read Psalm 136 (26 verses)

“His love endures forever” is a phrase repeated in this Psalm twenty six times. It is an enduring truth! But sometimes we need to hear it repeated, as we quickly forget it. We give thanks for God’s enduring love which is central to the character of God. There is no greater love than His love. His love made the heavens and the earth and He upholds it and cares for it constantly. Nothing escapes His tender care, even though we are tempted to think He does not always see or hear what goes on in our world. His mercies spread out across the globe every day and we are provided for.

God spreads out the days and made the sun and moon in His great love, to provide light to humankind and all living things on the planet. He made the depths of the sea and the spectacular displays of weather that we so often observe, that radiant His glory and ceaseless power.

God’s love delivered His people from the Egyptians and gave a demonstration of that love and power in releasing them from the grip of the enemy. He showed signs and wonders to show His love for His people and set them free from the tyranny of worldly kings and gave an inheritance to them. He split the Red Sea and His people walked through, protected by His great love for them, but throwing their enemies into the midst of it and drowning them all. Egypt was destroyed, but the people of God were set free and protected. The Lord provided for them a land where they could live, driving out their enemies and giving them peace, such is His love for undeserving people.

God does the same for us. He remembers our weaknesses and sets us free from the effects of our sinful nature and delivers us from the oppression and the power of death. He gives us food and supports our life every day without fail. He feeds our soul from His Word and will bring us finally to a land prepared for us. We give eternal thanks to Him that His love towards us endures forever…

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