Psalm 131

Please read Psalm 131 (3 verses)

There are times when the search for peace and contentment eludes us and we become despondent about our peace and joy in the Lord. This is the ideal time to quieten our hearts and calm our searching minds and humble ourselves before the Lord. We cannot change anything about ourselves or our situation and that realisation is the moment of relief from the striving for meaning and significance, and we find our God to be all in all. He is our provider and we can trust in Him.

If we know God to be trustworthy, why do we not live in peace in all circumstances? Why are we always searching and longing for more? Why do we not trust in our mighty Father like a small child would trust in their parent?

We think we are missing out, if we are not doing activity, and we fail to enjoy the peace of God in our daily life. We do not need to be always on the stress spectrum and seeking to be greater or better or more successful.

The psalmist teaches us to be at peace. We should not be proud and think we should have a super-spiritual life that lifts us high in mood all the time, but humble hearts that wait on the provision of the Lord, especially in our soul life. Our eyes should not be lifted up all the time looking for great experiences and exalted emotion, but calmly living in the light of the Word and obeying it. We calm and quieten the strife within and wait for the Lord. He will lift us up at the right time and in the right way. We hope in Him.

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