Psalm 125

Please read Psalm 125 (5 verses)

The Mount Zion is synonymous with the heavenly Jerusalem. It is a place of refuge and eternal glory, reserved for the people of God. The psalmist places ultimate trust in the Lord and knows that neither of these names for the place of the Lord’s people will ever be shaken or suffer loss. The city is protected by the everlasting God as He has built the city for the habitation of all His saints. All the saints of God, the redeemed people of God, are forever safe within the walls of this city and live victorious Christian lives on the heights of Mount Zion.

As the mountains surround the Jerusalem in this world, so the power of God surrounds His people in the spiritual Jerusalem. No one or nothing can disturb them, for they dwell securely there every day of their lives. No one can take them away from Christ or pose any kind of threat to their eternal security.

The Lord protects the mindset of His people in justice and righteousness. No ungodly ruler will ever be able to dominate God’s people in that holy place, or have any right to be in that place. It is reserved for those who seek God and have been bought out of the system of this world by the blood of Christ.

The psalmist’s request is that those who are made righteous will experience the good things of God and those who turn to perverse ways will be banished from the kingdom forever. We either dwell in righteousness with God on the heights of Zion, or suffer the loss of our souls and are sentenced with the evildoers. Peace is only to be found in the city of God.

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