Psalm 110

Please read Psalm 110 (7 verses)

The Psalmist is telling us the words of God the Lord, to his Lord, the Lord Jesus Christ. David foresaw the coming king and rejoiced to be a part of His coming kingdom. God is speaking to His Son, the King of all Kings, Jesus the Messiah. He invites Him to sit at His right hand, the place of honour and majesty, so that all His enemies will be put down and made low before Him. God will give Christ a mighty sceptre to rule the nations and all the extensive kingdom of God. He will rule His enemies from Zion, the city of God, which is also the city of His redeemed people.

On that last great day of battle, when the foes of Christ rise up one last and bitter time, the Lord will give Him the victory and the saints of God will ride with Him into battle. They will be fresh and pure like the morning dew from the womb of the earth. They will be arrayed in holy splendour, for victory belongs to them since the battle is the Lords.

Christ is the King forever after the order of Melchizedek, the one and only Priest King. This is a unique office of Christ, since He alone is worthy to be the conquering King and the perfect High Priest who has atoned for the sins of His people with His own blood. There is no one else like Him, or who is worthy of the crown and sceptre.

God is at His hand and will give Him all power and glory to crush His enemies of sin and death, and all who support those fatal causes. Christ will reign victorious over the Queens and Kings of the whole earth and no one will compare to His majesty. He will gain refreshment from the River of Life that flows along His way and He will be forever exalted above all.

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