Psalm 95

Please read Psalm 95 (11 verses)

The remedy for all our ills is to lift our voices in a shout of praise to the Lord our rock and the rock of our Salvation. We extol Him in all kinds of music, in song and with many instruments of praise. The Lord deserves all our worship for He is the great God of the depths of the earth and the mountain heights. Our only appropriate response to Him is to kneel before Him in reverence and contrition and to worship Him as the people under His merciful care. 

When we hear the Lord calling us, we do not harden our hearts as we are prone to do, or like the children of Israel at various points in their wilderness wandering. We trust the Lord implicitly and sanctify ourselves for His glory. There is no one like Him and no one who should have our praises like Him. 

The people of the past have tested the patience of the Lord and have complained and demanded gifts from Him, so His anger has been lifted up against them. We must learn from them and give our Lord due honour and the dignity of His name by trusting Him and waiting on His time to bless us. The wandering tribes of Israel failed to magnify the Lord and so He refused them the rest in the promised land. We must learn for that error and earnestly seek Him and trust Him to bring us safely home to heaven no matter what trouble this life brings to us. 

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