Psalm 58

Please read Psalm 58 (11 verses)

The questions at the beginning of this Psalm are put to the leaders of the people as to the righteousness of their mindset and the intentions of their heart. Do they seek justice for the people or are they only out for their own interests of power and glory? This is the constant question for people to ask based on the actions of leaders. It is clear in our world, that leaders are often out for their own reputation and to build empires for themselves, even leaders of spiritual concerns. It is easy to become corrupted by the machinations of our human heart and deviate towards corruption and the sullying influence of power.

The psalmist sees the wicked as synonymous with rulers and those who have authority over other people. He says they devise injustice to suit their own agenda and are quite comfortable to go to war on any issue. The venom of the love of power spreads like a snake bite and they cannot be controlled even by people above them in the chain of command. They are out for themselves utterly and the reality of justice for their people, or for the oppressed, is not on their mind. The writer asks God to intervene and make their wars come to nothing, to break up their implements of war and stop the violence. He prays that they will evaporate like water and someone with a just agenda will take over from them. He asks that they be ineffective and that their propensities for every kind of violence, will be as ineffectual in the society as if they had never been there at all.

The righteous will then be free to exercise their authority and justice, and goodness will again start to prevail. The unjust leaders with their bullying tactics will disappear like thorns burning under a pot and the light will shine brightly again in the land. The only blood that will be spilt will be the blood of the blood-thirsty and violent. The society will improve and people will again see that there is a true and good God in heaven who loves justice.

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