Tinkling the ivories…

I am getting older, as are we all, but the Lord is still with me and still so kind of me in the places where he is bringing me to. I am hoping to join a church where the Word of God is preached and the worship and fellowship are warm and true. They let me be in the band, even though I am a classically trained pianist, but it is so good to learn new things and about new people. Our skills never get out of date, we just have to adapt and change with the times and seasons and learn from the people around us.

I love playing my electric piano at home, and the keyboard at church is good too. It is so satisfying to be able to lead the tune and let other people show what they can do with guitar, voice, saxophone and drum. We all have to listen to each other and get to know how each other work and interact with the music. I enjoy it so much.

Over in the corner is a wonderful grand piano, a lovely machine with a good sound and action. I want to play it, but it doesn’t fit in with the band. I think we could make it work, of we wanted to, not all the time, but for variety sake. I love the piano, especially a proper grand piano, so I play it a bit before the service to amuse myself and hear the rich sound of the strings.

The Lord is so good and I love Him for all He allows me to do. I love the way people can invent machines and devices that are clever and help us to learn new things and enjoy life richly. I hope to continue tinkling the ivories and maybe branch out into other kinds of strings too …

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