Psalm 54

Please read Psalm 54 (7 verses)

At times, the thoughts of our own mind can be our worst enemy. The attitude of blame can infiltrate our thinking processes and we can find our selves sinking deep in the mire of oppression. The oppression of the enemy seems continual and relentless and the accusations of the evil one are like sharp arrows in our psyche. The psalmist is being blamed by other people and held in contempt so he asks God to vindicate his position and place in life. He is being hounded by others and oppressed in his own mind and it is causing him much pain, and his mind is sinking.

The writer knows that only God can vindicate him and only through his mighty power. Without the Lord we are helpless against the enemy and will surely falter and fall to the ravages of their opposition and oppressions. We cry out to the Lord and He hears us. The writer tells us that his foes are ruthless and arrogant and stand against him with aggression that he cannot combat. He knows that only the Lord can or will sustain him. The Lord does sustain him, for that Lord will not allow His people to be destroyed. The psalmist recoils from those who slander his name and he asks God to deal with them according to their sins. As he faces the root cause of his pain, so it is alleviated.

In the end, the psalmist sacrifices praise offerings to the Lord, for he has looked in victory over his enemies, who now languish in trouble. The Lord gives us the victory over all that oppress us, and our minds are set free from blame.

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