Trouble, heartache and pain

We instinctive think and believe that if God is for us we will be blessed and somehow live a charmed and privileged life full of joy and comfort. Many Christian people find this is not the case. God often requires His beloved people to undergo many and varied trials, sometimes all coming together in a massive trial, which completely floors our mind and cuts us down completely.

This situation should not worry us. This is the requirement for holiness and loss of confidence in this world’s system and therefore complete dependence on God. God has required supreme sacrifice and deep waters of trouble for His most treasured of possessions. It is His road to blessing, which only the devoted can truly appreciate.

We naturally seek an easy life and plenty of that we need, but God will often take it all away so that we are clear about ourselves and His provision. We cannot provide for ourselves, but are reliant on the holy God. Only He us able to sustain us and the more we understand that, the stronger we are. Life is very tough and for the person who seeks to know God well and to relate to Him in holiness of life, is very challenging.

Take heart if you suffer greatly because of circumstances or other people. The Lord is building your character and will sustain you and make you strong and firm in faith, love and joy…

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