I am owned by the mighty God, hook line and sinker! I have given Him everything and am seeking to follow Him closely every day. It is a difficult road, for I am wayward and often get distracted by the things of this futile life. Nevertheless, I am His and I belong to Him completely. He bought me out of slavery at such a huge price and so I am now priceless to Him. He sets me apart for His glory and will bring me safely to heaven and home where I will reign in glory with Christ.

No one else owns me. No one else has the right to oppress me or put me in chains for any reason. I am set free by the shed blood of Jesus my Saviour and live life for His sake which is perfect freedom. I don’t have to do the wrong thing, but have the power to choose rightly and I am being moulded to have right motivations and desires. I do choose the wrong at times, because my sinful self gets the better of me. This is a time of wasting time and not being so fruitful.

It is safe to belong to Christ because He is the beautiful One. His yoke is easy and His burden is light, and all who trust in Him experience deep peace. He will never use you or betray your trust, but is a faithful and loving Saviour. He learn from Him and learn to be like Him, making us beautiful and preparing us for the great day of the Lord, when we will reign in triumph with our Belovèd.

The Lord is teaching me His way, and I will follow on His path of peace.

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