Psalm 33

Please read Psalm 33 (22 verses)

Christian people rejoice together and sing before the Lord. We worship and praise His holy name with all kinds of instruments, played skilfully and with great joy. We use our voices to sing a new song of the redeemed people, that only those bought with the precious blood of Christ, can sing – a shout of joy…

The psalmist makes much of the Word of the Lord. That eternal Word made the heavens and all the starry host of the skies, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Creator. The word of the Lord is faithful and true and all He says will surely come to pass. His word keeps the ocean in its boundaries, and by that same word keeps the nations of the world in check. He thwarts that plans of the people of this world and ensures that everyone in clear about who is in charge of every situation. His will cannot be manoeuvred or side-stepped and we are all subject to it. It is the Lord who forms the motivation and intention of our human heart, even though we think we are free agents and chose what we think and do.

Blessed are the people who belong to the Lord, for they are under His especial care. No king, warrior or mighty war horse can oppose or oppress them, for they are the rampant people of God. None of these powers can save us in times of trouble, though the ungodly put their trust in them. God will protect His people in the dangers of life, rescue them in the war we all face and keep us alive with the bread of the Word. We can rejoice for our hope is in this God who is able to keep us because He is holy and we can trust in that almighty name. In all the circumstances of life, we wait for Him in living hope…

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