Psalm 23

Please read Psalm 23 (6 verses)

This is such a touching and heart-warming Psalm that many people take into their minds and hearts as great comfort and support. We turn to this Psalm in our times of need and pain and find relief in the words that the psalmist has written. It stands in contrast to the previous Psalm of the suffering of the Messiah and is the application of the comfort and safety that He has procured for His people. This is a Psalm for the uncomfortable Christian who is weary of this vain world and seeks spiritual comfort in the Word of God.

The writer of this Psalm loves righteousness and lovingkindness, and finds refreshment by the living waters, which is the Word of God. Even should we find ourselves in the most dreadful of situations and the setting in our life is dire, the Lord is with us in the darkness and we do not need to be cast down or to fear that the enemy will finally get the better of us and we will be destroyed. The Lord will even give us the whole spread of provision and comfort in the presence of the ill will and hurt that may be going on around us and will deliver us with great victory. The mercy of the Lord never fails and He will keep all His promises to bring us safely to heaven and home, where we shall surely dwell forever.

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