Psalm 19

Please read Psalm 19 (14 verses)

There is no excuse for unbelief. The heavens and the whole created order of our planet, solar system and universe cry out to the majesty and power of the Lord, the Creator. We see it in the smallest of particles and the sheer care and beauty of it all shouts out the reality of the Lord our Maker. Every day the inanimate and animate world preaches out the glory of the Lord and the careful and loving hands that made it all. It is a powerful witness to every nation and tongue and runs through all the world. 

Yet greater is the revealed Word of the Lord. His laws and statutes are forever sure and show us the intricacies of His beauty and perfections. They make us wise to God and change our heart and mind or be like His perfect character. They are sweet to the believer and the rewards for keeping them are sheer delight. To fear God and honour His Word makes us truly clean. We have it in our hands and the value of what we possess is often downplayed as we fail to recognise its worth. The psalmist is not one of these people, but considers the Word of God to be peerless beyond correction. 

The psalmist is conscious now of his inner faults and sins and asks the Lord to cleanse him and make his behaviour blameless. He wishes to be innocent of that great transgression – the unbelief that infest the human heart and keeps him from God and the enjoyment of Him. The writer asks that his heart and words be acceptable to the Lord who is his strength and Redeemer. This is the prayer of the believing heart, that we might praise Him and delight in His name. 

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