Psalm 18

Please read Psalm 18 (50 verses)

The psalmist has a personal faith in God and assigns Him honour by calling Him “my strength; my rock; my fortress; my deliverer; my shield; my salvation; my stronghold.” He knows he has been saved from his enemies, specifically king Saul, by the mighty hand of the Lord. Death and hell have surrounded him but he has cried out to the Lord and the Lord has heard him. The Lord has honoured His servant by upholding him and making him victorious through all the ravages of the enemy and the difficulties of his situation. 

The majesty of the Lord of seen in His judgments. His anger is kindled at the treatment of His servant. This Psalm is also indicative of the treatment of Christ when He was sentenced and put to death on a cross for the sins of the world. Christ has overcome the enemy against His people and has triumphed over sin and death for their sake. The Lord has delivered His servant and brought Him into a safe place. The Lord has delivered Him because of His righteous life and has shown Himself merciful to the merciful one. The Lord gives strength to overcome and is a shield to everyone who trusts in Him. Christ has trusted in the Father and has been the ultimate obedient servant and is now the Saviour King. He has been faithful unto death and is now the conqueror. 

God also makes His servant high and has exalted Him and the gracious work of God has made Him great. The victorious Saviour has put all enemies under His feet and has beaten them as fine as the dust of the earth. The Lord has exalted Him high above all, for the sake of His righteousness and to make Him a mighty Saviour to His people and the judge to whom all will one day submit.

David sees and writes the parallels in his own life in this psalm, but we know by the exalted language that David is talking about his great descendant, the promised one who would sit on his throne forever. This Sovereign Saviour is mighty to save all who are struggling and draw them out of the deep waters and save them. As David has been shown mercy, so also the eternal Son is shown mercy in His suffering and lifted high to be the deliverer and Saviour of His people. 

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