Psalm 13

Please read Psalm 13 (6 verses)

The psalmist is lonely, dejected and lacking in the assurance that the Lord thinks on him and loves him. He also asks questions of the Lord in such an open and honest way, that we know he loves God and is devastate about his doubt. His enemies are triumphing over him and exalting that they seem to have got the better of him. He is suffering depression because of this and is daily cast down about his circumstances.

He petitions the Lord to hear his prayer and to please think on him kindly. He asks for the insight to understand his situation because he feels his life to be near the grave and the end looms large before him. Is he contemplating that his depression will eventually take away his life? Is he concerned that his state of mind will tip over into suicide and the ignominy of that end?

The writer is concerned that the enemy will over come him, either the actual physical enemies that pursue him, or the enemy that infests his mind with trouble. It seems to be on both counts for he is concerned that others will rejoice when he falls into bad times. However, the singer of this prayer has set his heart on trusting in the Lord his God and he knows that sooner of later the tide of his mind will turn and he will be able to rejoice in the salvation that has been provided for him.

When our mind is cast down, we fail to rejoice in what our Saviour has done for us, and we lose our sense of assurance and faith. This is a painful state for the Christian, but it is not permanent and the psalmist has the insight to know this. He knows that he will sing to the Lord the song of the redeemed and the song of the delivered believer. He sets his heart on the Lord and puts his hope in his Saviour.

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