Psalm 9

Please read Psalm 9 (20 verses)

Praise is lifted to the Lord for His marvellous works in the administration of justice throughout the whole earth, in every time and place. The enemies of the Lord and His perfect righteousness shall never prevail over the cause of the sovereignty of God for the oppressed. Cities have been destroyed and long forgotten, but the Lord endures forever and His throne of judgment will never be irrelevant or cast down. The Lord is a refuge for all who are oppressed and God will not forsake those who seek His justice.

The psalmist asks the Lord to consider those who hate him and that the Lord will deliver him from the pit of despair, that he will be able to confess the mercy of the Lord and rejoice in the salvation of his Saviour God. He asks that people understand their personal position before God and that they will be humbled to realise that they are mere women and men and entirely fallible.

The writer exalts the attribute of God’s justice, and the fact that it will always be on the side of the weak and lowly, for those who set themselves against the Lord will be snared by their own wicked schemes. He asks that the wicked and all who forget God, be turned into hell, that the justice of God will be done. The poor in spirit will receive the mercy of the Lord because the wickedness of humankind will not prevail. Those who love the Lord will be delivered and the cause and right of the righteous will be maintained. Humankind may be puffed up in their schemes, but the overriding justice of God will always be administered in uprightness. People will always know that in the end they are only flesh and blood, but the Lord is eternal.

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