Psalm 2

Please read Psalm 2 (12 verses)

This Psalm concerns the triumph of the Lord of Hosts and the stability of the eternal kingdom.

The rulers of this dark and fallen world have risen up against the Lord and His anointed king. They have no scruples about the nobility of the Lord nor His sovereign choice. They do not realise that they themselves are subject to that choice and only rule according to His directions. The Lord is God over all kings and all powers in heaven and earth, yet they rub their foolish hands in glee as they plot against Him, to cast off His authority over them.

No matter how mighty we might think and be in the culture of this world – no matter how powerful a ruler or influential a person we are, we are mere women and men of the human family and only exist because the Lord who made us allows us to be. Every mighty Queen and King are lifted to their position over others because of the sovereignty of God and His permission for them to be in such a high place.

What they refuse to realise is that the Lord Jesus is Lord over all and God has highly exalted Him and given Him a name above every other name. To that name they will bow and the Lord laughs at them and their foolish plotting. Jesus is the eternal Son of God and no one can deny Him the inheritance that is already His.

Christ will do what He pleases, and all His ways are righteousness and justice. It is supreme foolishness to ignore Him, let alone rise up against Him. He will have His will and purposes carried out and only those who shelter under His dominion are safe from the wrath to come. Those who refuse Him and His rightful authority will suffer the terror of ultimate loss.

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