Finest treasures

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“Because you have taken my silver and my gold, and have carried my finest treasures into your temples,”

There are many instances in the Scripture text where the gold and silver that belongs to God, finds its way into pagan places with pagan nations. Sometimes it is captured by the enemy and taken away and at times the ruler of the nation of God gives it away as collateral for freedom and to reduce the prospect of invasion. 

God is not regarded when His sacred items from the tabernacle and temple are taken by the unbelievers. They are desecrated and held in regard as trophies over the people of God and as the means of bringing God down into disrepute. Such as in the case with the King of Babylon, King Belshazzar, who took the sacred objects from the temple of God and used them for His own aggrandisement. He was spoken to by God through the handwriting on the wall, which warned him that his life was forfeit that night. 

There are many today who bring the blessed truths of God into disrepute by living unloving and unloved lives. They do not know the grace of God in this life and therefore do not value the deep truths of God and the joy of knowing Him. In these days of darkness and lack of love we need to once again rediscover the peace that passes all understanding and find again the forgiveness that is in Christ alone. There is no other treasure like  that treasure and no other valuable “silver or gold” like that. We must seek the Lord and keep seeking until He should open the door for us and bring us into His banqueting house once more.  There we will find all the treasures of love that do not exist in our modern world. There we will find our God and Saviour to be all that He is and we will enter into the experience of the finest of treasures. We will find the Lord Jesus and be satisfied. 

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