That they may drink

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“… and have cast lots for my people, and have given a boy for a prostitute, and sold a girl for wine, that they may drink.”

The land that belongs to the Lord has been taken over by the enemy and those who oppose the Lord have grasped the land for themselves. Those who do not believe have taken the people of God into captivity and have stolen away the things that do not belong to them, and now the reckoning has come. The people of God are being used to enable the outsiders to God to have what they want and their very lives are being gambled for. The people of this world will use anything to get what satisfies their desires, and the personal and temporal blessings that they crave. Society will use anything to get what is required or keep people happy no matter who it hurts. God is blamed for the troubles of the world and therefore His people are regarded as to blame as well as the almighty. The hearts of the people are hardened against the Lord, but He will come in deliverance and sweep it all away soon. 

Those who have no regard for God also have no regard for human life. They have taken the weakest and the lowest members of society and have used them for their own ends, making them forced labour and slaves to prostitution and degradation. The most vulnerable are sold for just a pittance and counted as the lowest trading item in their godless market places. They have done this literally and also spiritually to the people of God, treating them like slaves and oppressing them, and forcing them to live low lives and be brought into a society where they are constantly taken advantage of. Oppression breeds a certain mindset that makes people low and keeps them low. It is the strategy of slavery and the means to keep people in subjection and obedient to their masters. It is melted out on the people of God, but only for a short time. 

This is the situation of the church of Jesus, where the Christians are so oppressed by what is going on around them, that they can only look to the Lord for deliverance. We do not take vengeance and guard our minds and words, even in private and trust in the Lord’s provision for us. We look to him, cry out to Him, for He alone is able to strengthen us and help us to overcome the oppression and the attendant attitudes. 

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