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“But he who does wrong will receive again for the wrong that he has done, and there is no partiality.”

God does not have favourites, but he does have His own people who he loves with an everlasting love. God does not treat us as our sins deserve. We receive full and free forgiveness from His mercy and everlasting life as a free gift of His grace. 

However, if we sin and sin wilfully, we will suffer consequences in our lives. God will not allow us to run on in our sinfulness without there being some kind of chastisement. The child of God will act and react and seek the Lord again. There is redemption for our backsliding, but there are often life situations that we must deal with and difficulties we will have to face up to. 

Sin in the life of the Christian is serious, for it stops the blessing of God and separates us from the close fellowship we all seek and need. God will not allow it to continue and will find a way to stop it and bring us back into the fold once more. We wander away at our peril and are vulnerable to ravenous people who would destroy our faith and lead us away from God. In our life circumstances we need the protecting hand of God and His over-ruling will that will guide us and keep us in the heavenly way. 

The Lord our Saviour does not punish us, for all punishment was swallowed up on the cross and there is no more condemnation for the Christian. But there are outcomes of bad decisions and sinful mindsets that must be faced. 

In all situations and relationships, the Lord does not treat us as our sins deserve, but pours out mercy towards us and binds up our hurts and heals our broken hearts. He does not favour one of His children above another and will work out all things for the good of each one, according to His purposes. His love is everlasting and His grace extends to us in our need and fallen-ness. 

The Lord is faithful to us even if we are unfaithful and will never let us go beyond the bounds of His will for us. Even our sinfulness is written into the plan and He can work all things out for good in a way that no one else can. In this time we commit our way to Him and stay away from the sin that would lead us away from Him and earnestly seek to stay close to our Father in heaven who loves us with an everlasting love. 

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