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“And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to which also you were called in one body; and be thankful.”

We are to give way to God and allow Him to rule our hearts and lives and to be thankful to Him for all His provision. No matter how difficult it gets He is in control and will provide for all our needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus. Sometimes we are not able to have all the things we think we need, but God knows what is best for us and will supply them as so that we are sustained in our lives. Our emotions can be rather raw, but His loving kindness is always there for us. Let us rest in Him and enjoy the delights of His presence and power. He will come to us at the right time. 

Where does this peace come from? 

It comes from the comfort in the Word of God. We remember His word to us and rehearse it in our minds and He blesses it to our hearts. The words of other people can be comforting, but the Word of God is full of the sure and certain promises of the Father and He will help us to grasp them and hold them close.

It comes from a thankful heart that is grateful for all the provision of the Lord. The circumstances and situations of our lives may not be ideal, and we might lack things that we feel we need, but the Lord has provided for us and will help us. The lack of emotional support can be the most difficult to bear as we can become isolated and cut off from people we love, but the Lord is able to make it up to us and to draw close to us and let us know His comfort. 

God does this through the Word of His power. To know and remember the Word of God is such a blessing and the Holy Spirit who dwells within us will bring the words to our remembrance when we need them. God will not leave us comfortless but will come to us. He will make up the lack of other people and the sweetness of His love will surround us. We are thankful for the Word of God and all His provision, in our temporal lives too. 

We are called to peace in the body of Christ also. There should be family love between sisters and brothers in Christ and the support of each other in our needs. It can be difficult to find a church where there is the family feeling and the friendly support we all need, young and older. To find it is precious, and also the faithful teaching of the Scripture so that we are comforted in it and grow up in Christ. 

Beloved, let us dwell in peace at all times and not fret, for it disturbs our peace and takes away our faith in the Lord. Let us live quietly and peaceably and know His support each day and have loving hearts full of devotion to Him and full of faith. 

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