“… for which I also labour, striving according to his working, which works in me mightily.”

The Apostle Paul laboured, that the Church of Jesus Christ would be strong and be presented holy and perfect before God. He worked to embed the message of the gospel in the hearts and minds of the Christians, so that they would not be taken from the truth or embrace any kind of error.

Paul is showing us in this letter, the attributes of Jesus Christ so that the believers will not be lead astray and follow a false Christ. To see Christ in all His glory, builds up our faith to trust Him more and follow Him more closely. This is the purpose of this book, that we might see the Lord and the depths of the sacrifice He made for us. This will cause us to be grateful and lift our eyes off our own situation and focus them on Him who we love.

Paul is not doing and saying these things by his own efforts. It is the power of God within him, as the Holy Spirit guides him and directs all that he says and does. How wonderful to know that God is in charge of our lives and we don’t have to fret or worry about any situation, no matter how dire it may be. God is able to sustain us. We have the amazing example of the Apostle Paul to show us that way, and the rich spiritual blessings we receive at God’s hand. Life was in no way easy for the Apostle, yet it was full of blessing and usefulness. God lifted him out of hatred and bitterness and set him on a rock so that he could serve the Lord in all the ways that he did.

The same is true for us if we are believers and are following Him. It does not matter particularly about our earthly circumstances, for the Lord purposes all things, and we rejoice in His daily provision and blessing. What is important is our dedication and devotion to the Lord, to live every part of our lives for His glory. We keep ourselves in the love of God and self-discipline, to walk worthy steps through each day. The enemy will be kept at bay, as our faith is placed in the only Saviour, our Saviour, Jesus.

Paul is not exclusive in his experience of the mighty working of the Holy Spirit, we also can know the depths of His power as we live from day to day. He will teach us and give us opportunities to serve and witness, as He allows. He loves us, so may we trust His judgment as He leads us through each day. Let us not allow guilt and blame to ruin our souls and any root of bitterness grow up. We are not able, but our God is able…

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