“to whom God was pleased to make known what are the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory;”

The saints of God are now identified as including the Gentile people, of whom the Colossian Christians are a part. God does not just include the Gentile nations but makes known to them, the richness of His glory. All the glory that is revealed in Scripture is now revealed to all who will come to God in faith. The offer stands to the “whosever will” and all humankind is now invited to hear and respond to the gospel message.

The mystery of the gospel has now been revealed to all peoples. The door of mercy is open to all who will respond to the gospel call and repent and believe. All that has been kept with the Jewish people, is now fully open and available to anyone who seeks the Lord. The glory of God is that He has lifted the Gentiles, who have dwelt in darkness for so long, and are now included in the church of Jesus Christ. It is the mystery and crown of the magnificent gospel message.

Anyone can respond and enjoy the riches of salvation: forgiveness of sin; a new life in Christ; spiritual communion with the eternal God. This caused quite a stir with the Jewish believers, who did not want to give up their exclusive relationship with God, and God has had to deal with His people to show them the riches and depths of his mercy to all people. He is no respecter of persons.

This is shown in the lives of the Christians at Colosse. The goodness and mercy of God is laid out to a watching world as the Christians live out their lives to the glory of God. Paul is stirring up the grace of God in the hearts of the Christians and where they now stand in relation to God. They are in Christ and have the eternal life in them and the hope of everlasting glory. They are the people of God and of the household of faith and therefore have now dignity and purpose in the family of God. They are the work of God in the frail vessels of human form.

We who believe on Christ have a peculiar dignity, lifted up from the dirt of sins and this tawdry world. We are the possession of Christ and do not need to carp of complain ever again. The riches of God dwell in us and the express revelation of Jesus is our daily view. Let us enter into all that God has purposed for us- outsiders who have been brought into the heavenly experiences of the Christian life, and deep and ultimate blessings of the holy God.

What is our hope of this eternal glory?

It is the person of Christ in us, the marks of the eternal God in our lives that lead us to salvation and holiness of life. There is no other hope for us in this life or the next.

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