“which has come to you; even as it is in all the world and is bearing fruit and growing, as it does in you also, since the day you heard and knew the grace of God in truth;”

The truth and good news of the gospel has come to the Christians at Colosse through the will of God and the labour of Epaphras. He has been given a heart of deep feeling for the people of Colosse and longs to see them brought to God. He has started the mission there, after his own conversion at Ephesus. Paul knows Epaphras and is supporting the work of God at Colosse, because he knows Epaphras will be faithful to the gospel that is being spread everywhere. 

The good news that Jesus is the Saviour of human souls is spreading and the kingdom is being set up in this world. As the message is preached, people are being touched by the Holy Spirit and seeing their need of forgiveness and therefore coming to faith in Christ. It is a wonderful time of gathering in souls for the kingdom of God. 

Trouble is coming, even for this little church in Colosse. They will need this letter from the Apostle Paul to support them in the coming days. An earthquake is coming which will destroy Colosse and the church will be affected, maybe closed, or maybe the Christians will be spread further abroad. It is often hard to understand the purposes of God, but they are sure and steadfast and His will is not thwarted by anyone. God will honour the work of Epaphras and encourage him in his faith. He is a faithful servant and spends time in prison like the Apostle Paul. He is also called “Archippus” in the letter to Philemon and Paul describes him as a fellow-soldier in the faith. 

“Paul, a prisoner of Christ Jesus, and Timothy our brother, to Philemon, our beloved fellow worker, to the beloved Apphia, to Archippus, (Epaphras) our fellow soldier, and to the assembly in your house:”

Philemon 1:1

The fruit of the gospel is spreading everywhere and taking root and bearing more fruit. This is true in the lives of the believers at Colosse too. They are growing in grace and faith and love, since the time they heard and believed. They are making good progress in the spiritual life and are growing in numbers and in the knowledge of God and in His particular love for them. They serve Christ and each other as they live their lives devoted to God. 

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