By God’s grace we can conquer the inner fight with sin

Only His power and love will give the impetus to win

Over the indwelling power that still will reside

Until death conquers all and we in glory abide.

Until then we trust in faith to overcome the deadly foe

Who will seek to ruin our joy in the Lord here below.

We watch with faith and the sword of the the Spirit

Gaining confidence with every conquest we visit.

He will not leave us no matter how hot the fight

His unending love will humble us in our continual plight

To fix our eyes on our Saviour, Jesus, alone

And trust wholly in His promises as not in sinful man.

He is to be loved and adored above all others

No other name is worthy of our powers

He will give the victory to us as we fight and win

And every day deflect the evil intent of sin.

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