Rescue us

Rescue us

“… who gave himself for our sins, that he might deliver us out of this present evil age, according to the will of our God and Father— to whom be the glory forever and ever. Amen.”

Galatians 1:4

Do we recognise that we need to be rescued, or are we satisfied with our lot in this world? Does this world supply all my needs?

This verse from the Scripture suggests not. I need to be delivered from the clutches of this world, which keeps me asleep and insensitive to my deepest needs. I need to be rescued from the mindset of the age, that I find myself living in. I need a new mindset, a new way to look at life and live it differently. This is God’s will for me, that I should not live in thrall to this world’s systems, but be free to live the life He has in store for me.

How can this happen? How can I possibly live in this world and not be a part of all the systems and attitudes and mindsets that abound everywhere? How can my heart life be changed?

God tells us here, that the work needed to set us free has already been undertaken and completed by Jesus the Saviour, on the cross at Calvary. God planned the whole rescue mission according to His purpose to save us, long before the world was made.

“… who saved us and called us with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given to us in Christ Jesus before times eternal…”

2 Timothy 1:9

God purposed the deliverance of His people, in eternity. He thought so much about them, and loved them so deeply, that He made this rescue plan. Jesus the eternal Son of God, would carry out the mission by becoming one of us and suffer and die to pay for the righteous demands of a holy law. Our sin had to be dealt with and every deviation from the law had to be recompensed, so Jesus willingly gave up His life so that we could be free from the power fo sin, and know the power of God. This truth is my trust, if I am a Christian. All my hope is placed on what Jesus has done for me.

Jesus did this freely, out of pure love and has taken the sinful mindset and motivation and actions, and bourne the punishment for them all. We can be free people, forgiven, and unbound from this world’s ways. This is why we love Him so much. He has set us free and give the power to walk this world in a worthy way.

If my trust is in Jesus Christ and who He is and the work that He did on the cross for my sake, I can be free. This is the message of the gospel. If I put my trust in Jesus and what He did, I an be free from the chains that holds me back.

I must recognise my need for this forgiveness and freedom and eagerly seek to enter into the reality of it. This is the only way to life and peace. The freedom offered is a real freedom of heart and mind and I must want that. It will mean that I break the chains with this world and it’s ways and follow God. It will be difficult in this world, because I will be swimming against the tide now, but I will know the will of God in my life.

We will be able to bring glory to Him and be thankful for what He has done for us. Unthankful hearts belong to this world, gratitude is the right response to God. We love the Lord Jesus with all our hearts and obey Him and serve Him with renewed souls and minds. His mind becomes increasingly part of our mind and we become more like Him. This is how we are set free from the mindset of this world and set fee to serve God and follow what He wants for us.

As Jesus gave Himself for our sins, so we give ourselves to Him as a daily and ongoing sacrifice of praise to His glory and the glory of the Father in heaven. All this is done through the working of the Holy Spirit in our life, convicting us of our sin and making us desirous to be changed. He guides us in all truth and fills our life with spiritual life, so we can relate to God.

Amen… let it be so. God is doing His work in this world. It is not seen by the people of this world, but one day soon, it will be revealed and the glory will all belong to God.

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