The mind fractal

The mind fractal 

Nothing is quite the same since Mandelbrot opened our eyes to see what we can’t see. There is pattern and unique qualities in everything. Nothing is obvious and infinity is real. 

Every leaf on the tree is unique, like every human. God doesn’t make copies…

The simplest looking shape or object that exists has depths that we cannot see or fathom. They are unseen and conceptual in nature and yet, you can understand the reality of this phenomenon, it is mind reeling. You can investigate this idea and device on YouTube.

Our minds fall into this idea too. How deep and wide can the mind go? It doesn’t just exist in our heads, because we can project out from ourselves everywhere. We can imagine, and use tools to see some things far away and once inaccessible. We come up with ideas and wonder where they come from. We have emotions, desires, wants, a badness there too. 

We can also think about God and have the ability to relate to Him in our souls. These are all fractals – the fractals of mind, soul and body. Eternity is set in our souls and minds and yet we run from it. The idea we live and die and that is the end, is an anathema to the enquiring mind. This understanding is the fractal of the soul, because our soul is how we relate to God. Every aspect of us, body, mind and soul, is fractal and fractals within fractals.

The body has its system fractals, nerves, blood, homromes, bones, cell systems, breathing systems, waste systems, etc…

The mind has thoughts, ideas, desires, wants, needs, emotions, control of other systems (making it very crucial to the person function) our personality, character, etc

The soul has the unique and God given ability to relate to Him. Without this out souls are actually dead. When alive we relate to the Holy Spirit, experience all kinds of spiritual blessings – love joy, peace, patience, temperance, etc… and over all, daily grace to face and do all things. God kindly gives these things to those who don’t believe also, but it is temporary and fleeting. Our personal soul is the “real” us, and when we are alive in our soul, we are really alive. It affects everything we are, body and mind as well.

 If the Mandelbrot set is so complex, yet beginning with basic simplicity, what about us and our amazing minds?

The Mandelbrot set is simple compared to our mind. The mind is a most amazing fractal, who can understand it? We do not even understand ourselves. That branching pattern is everywhere in our bodies, and no less in the neutrons, and in the joining of the neutrons of the mind. The mind grows, as do all the living fractals. Trees.. start with the branching roots, branching systems within the cells, branching branches and the veins in the leaves, all a huge fractal with smaller fractal entities too. It’s everywhere. What a legacy to leave behind.

The internet that is such a blessing in so many ways, is another huge fractal. The main frame, the computers linked to it, the other devices we have invented to work with it, and the engagement with our own mind, all fractal and fractals within fractals. 

It turns out that Mathematics really does hold the answer to everything. Infinity is real, recurring is real, and that eternal idea, infiltrates every part of our world. We cannot escape from the reason of it. It all works beautifully, until something goes wrong.! Mistakes are made and the pattern and magnificence of the fractal is lost. We loose sight of the glory of what we are and the beauty of the things around us, especially the living things. If we could see with new eyes that glory that still dwells in our world, we would then lift our eyes to God and see Him also. 

The God of all things, who is the author of every fractal, will never abdicate His place in the whole, scheme of things. He is forever God, and reveals Himself to whoever He pleases.

Spiritual life is also fractal. Stories within stories, truths behind stories… the eternal, doctrines of God, and the systems of theology, are amazing fractals and only accepted and understood by the renewed mind to that same God. Only when God is fully engaged with the human mind, can we see the truths about Him. The Scripture is a fractal. To know it is life and peace, the perfect will and truth of God. To accept it is true life.

To enter this world involves putting to death the wreaking of fractals, the disease that contaminates and shuts down our minds and souls. This disease will destroy the beauty of every fractal and keep the human mind in chains forever. The mind cannot be destroyed, neither the soul, but it can be rendered useless to God and for ourselves. It is foolish to hang on to a disease when we could know life and peace.

The realisation of the fractals of nature can be the way in to understanding the fractals of mind and soul. But the acceptance of these things comes from God. We are left blind without Him, and never really enter in, or get to the bottom of the rabbit hole. I don’t know if Mandelbrot saw the end game. Maybe he did, for maybe God revealed it to him at the end. I hope so. What a great mind he had, so unique and he has opened the way for us to think about ourselves and our world in a unique way.

However, the fractal of the word of God is with us, always. It is totally accessible and anyone can read it. The Spirit of God is willing to show us meaning and give us understanding. He is willing to give the gift of light. Why would we not take it? It is the greatest understanding there is and the gates to wisdom open. Understand this fractal for your good and for great joy. It is perfect and will lead you into all truth. It is not just a book, but the person of Christ, revealed to us by God and kept by Him.

I wonder did Mandelbrot ever read it, and what he thought as he read it. No one knows, but we seek our own enlightenment to see things that God sees in the light of His revealed day. 

Then there is eternity. What a fractal that will be. Fractals within fractals, within fractals.!! The complexity will keep our renewed minds busy forever. The beauty will be stunning, the perfection of that place will resonate with us in our body, minds and souls forever. Perfect peace and joy. Faith will give way to the reality of the fractal of eternal life.

We can know it now, in Christ. It is already the possession of those who believe. Open the door to the fractal of the new life in the soul and you will really see and hear and know… 

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