Take my hand

“My beloved spoke and said to me, “Arise, my darling, my beautiful one, come with me.”

Song of Songs 2:10

He catches a glimpse. Maybe she comes out to meet him at the wall. They speak together. The Woman says “He spoke to me.” How precious to the child of God that the Lord speaks to them. He speaks personally and he speaks into our lives in a way that we will understand. He speaks words of comfort and encouragement and He is never discouraging. He does not try and bring us to heaven under a cloud but to bring us home in great glory. His words are true and his words sink deep into our minds and become part of our being so that we end up thinking and being like him.

His word is near to us. It is in our hearts and in our minds and we have it recorded for us in holy scripture it so that we can be sure about what he is saying to us. We are not confused and not lead astray by the Word of God.

The woman waits to hear what he’s got to say. His words are words of love so he tells her to arise and come away. She is his love his true love and he is tired of waiting for her.

He says, “Come now leave your fathers and mothers house and come away with me and let us be together.” The years of waiting have been long and they have left their toll on both of them, and now it is time for them to be together.

One day this will happen for God’s people too. Jesus will return to take is waiting people home and he will not hesitate to take them out of this world and bring them safely into the heavenly kingdom. He will not have to argue with them. There will be the trumpet sound and the shout and we shall leave as one body. No one will be there who should not be there and there will be plenty who will be left out. There will be plenty who think they should be included and they will not be included for they did not repent and they did not believe and they do not love the Lord with all their heart and mind and soul.

But this woman is ready to leave. She hears the voice of her beloved and she wants to go with him. He will call her with words of endearment he calls her “my love my beautiful one” and he longs for her to come away with him. There is no threat here but only longing that he will have his true love with him for ever and ever be comforted in her embrace.

He says “come with me.” She will go with no other but only the one that she recognises as her beloved. “Come with me.” When we hear these words we must obey when Jesus calls to us now in this life to come to Him, we must come to Him. On that last day when He calls us to be with Him forever, we must go to Him – we must not hesitate but must be always ready. Our foot must always be on the threshold of the door so we are ready to leave with our truly beloved.

The bridegroom calls to his beloved and she comes to him for she will always obey His voice. Jesus, our Beloved will call us out and we will go and be with Him forever. We also will be forever with the Lord – forever in his warm embrace and he also in ours.

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