I am married to the love of my life. I’ve been married to him for 50 years. For 50 years we have worked together and talked together and He has supplied all my needs and has been my constant companion and true love. I need to be married to Him because I am a very expensive woman. I cost an exorbitant price, that He had to pay for me to get me to be His partner. He had to send his only Son to rescue me from slavery, and to pay the ultimate price so that I could be His. He willingly laid down His life to possess me and to make me equal with him in His glory and in His power. In fact, He Himself came to live in me and to be in me and to give me strength all the days of my life, so that one day I would be with Him in eternal bliss. This is the ultimate love story, a story of heart rending passion and power.

No one can provide for me except Him. Only He has sufficient resources to provide for me in this life and in the life to come. I do require physical things and possessions to help me in my life, but more than anything I require love and devotion and bravery and a power, to work and be me, every day. His provision for me has been extraordinary and I have seen it especially, in these recent days. God is not a father or husband who gives out as he can afford, but He gives all things richly to enjoy, for me, my good and for my comfort. He is a God of all comfort and all things are His possession, so He gives freely to me as His daughter, and His servant, and as His queen.

No one can take me away from my Lord and God. Neither can they ultimately disappoint me, for my eyes are on Him. I wait for Him as a look at the skies. One day He will return in that body that once walked the Earth, and I will fly to Him, and I will never be separated from Him again. I shall see my love and touch Him and know Him, in the most richest and fullest way that there is. The passion of redemption will be fulfilled and His glory will be revealed in me. This is personal because there is no one like me and there is no one like Him. He relates to me as a person of the closest relation, and everything that I am is His.

What human can compete with this? We are all lost people we are all dead in our sins and are all ultimately weak. We are only made strong and whole and good as we find this God – as this God finds us, and binds us to Himself eternally. I am expensive and I will always be expensive, because my Saviour bears the marks of that cost in His body for eternity. Anyone who loves Him must be loved by Him, for only He is the Redeemer and to know Him really is life and peace. You will know him and you will share that incredible glory forever if you just believe.

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