Talking about people to another person, when they can’t hear, defend themselves and have justice, is murder. We don’t tend to talk positively about others, but rehearse their failures and faults. This is an evil thing to get involved with. Some people ask questions to find out information to use at a later date. We enjoy it, as it makes us feel better about ourselves and we get a buzz from sharing negative stories about that we have found out.

Gossip is an evil practice that destroys the reputation of other people, and also ourselves. People know we gossip, so will not trust us or want to share with us. It is a wholly destructive process of assassination and pulling down the reputation of people. We do it in our own lives, and can be indiscreet about what we share and undiscerning about human tendencies. Our society permits it in the media, which is full of salacious stories about people with “juicy” stories. Some people encourage this, as they benefit from the attention, but eventually it backfires on them, and they get badly hurt.

To entertain this “skill” ruins our lives and keeps God far away from us. When we participate it grieves the Holy Spirit and we loose out. We must run from it and keep away from people who practice it. What we say is of prime importance, as it shows what is going on in our mind and what we are really like. When our tongues are under control, our whole person is under control.

“A gossip betrays a confidence; so avoid anyone who talks too much. If someone curses their father or mother, their lamp will be snuffed out in pitch darkness.”

Proverbs 20:19-20

No gossips or slanderers will inherit the kingdom. They are kept out with the rest of the wicked. It is that serious.

We must not gossip about others, or about ourselves. Prayer meetings can be placed of “legalised” gossip, where personal details are “shared” as prayer points. We are promoting ourselves, and talking about the people we talk to and “share” the gospel. God knows the details already, and since we pray to Him, we don’t need to rehearse them. Instead of showing ourselves as godly, we are ungodly,

The reach of gossip is wide and it’s methods are subtle. We must guard our hearts and bring our situations to God. Only He is trustworthy and He will not hurt people or spread rumours. We have all been subject to that, and it is very unpleasant.

The worst gossip, is family gossip. Family members will pick on someone they regard as a “problem” and will undermine the character of that person over years. The person is left out, and sidelined. They will feel and know the oppression, and it will end in disaster. Some people will not be able to sustain themselves under this pressure from people who are supposed to be “nearest and dearest” and life will end for the designated scapegoat.

It is so serious, and we all must address it. It keeps coming up as an issue, everywhere. Kill gossip before it kills you, your family and everyone around you. If we practice it on our family, especially our Mother and Father, God says our light will be snuffed out. No life, no testimony, no heaven. We will walk worthy of our calling and make our choice in Christ sure.

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