“I am like a moth to Ephraim, like rot to the people of Judah.”

Hosea 5:12

Ephraim and Judah were regarded as the people of God. Yet we see here, that they had an incredible attitude towards their loving God. They thought of Him as something or someone who makes their belongings and lives, deteriorate. As a moth eats away at our clothes and decay attacks everything in our world and makes it rotten, so they regarded God.

These people see God as some kind of spoiler, someone who will destroy their pleasure and make them miserable. We all tend to think like that at times. We listen to the lies all around us, that God is a spoil-sport and wants us to go around with nothing good or attractive for ourselves.

Unfortunately we also have a fallen mind set towards God, and we want our own way, and we despise God’s way. Because God is holy, we are naturally unattractive to Him, in fact, we are dead and insensible to Him. We think He is irrelevant and we avoid hearing about Him or thinking about Him at all. Like these people spoken about by Hosea, we think God is a destroyer and will eat away at our lives and we will be always sad. This thinking is encouraged by many people, and made obvious by the way some so-called Christians live their lives. Misery seems to follow certain people around. It can easily infest our hearts.

To come to God and know Him, is life and peace. He will cleanse your heart, mind and life, and you will rejoice. You will be a new person with new desires and motivations. God will help you remove the things that are hurting you, and He will show you a different way. You will be happy and have inner joy and peace when you do what He wants for you. The Creator knows you better than you know yourself. You will look back and see a mind at work with your mind, and a constant guiding and encouraging in every right way. He will teach you humility, yet confidence in all you do.

All you have left and seem to have lost, will just be events and emotions – memories, that have passed, and you will look forward to more and better, in full confidence of faith. Your sins will be conquered and cast out from your behaviour. You will see your sins as rot and be glad they are gone. Your Saviour God will be your precious friend and Lord, and you will learn to never fear. His will is steadfast and as you follow, your steps will become more firm and your deeds more obedient.

Happy people know God and who He is.

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