“Great will be the day of Jezreel”

Hosea 1:11

Jezreel is the arm of the Lord. His arm is not too short to save. When God saves it is forever. No child of God can be lost.

The day of Jezreel is a day of great blessing when many human souls are gathered into the kingdom. The are times when God pours out His Spirit on the lives of sinful people, and causes a great change that cannot be missed. Many experience the love of God and the mighty forgiveness that goes with this outpouring.

We long for this, so that people around us will be rescued from coming judgment and find refuge in Christ alone. Many of us have family members that remain unmoved. We pray the day of Jezreel will come and gather them into the kingdom.

Jezreel is the sowing of the seed of God’s Word- the gospel. We are entrusted to speak it and share it everywhere. The day of Jezreel is needed here and we long for more of its blessings, power and salvation.

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