Rejection… It is so hard to bear. When those around you turn against you for no reason, or for reasons beyond your control. It is hard to to take. Rejection comes in many forms and manifests itself as bullying, abuse, ignoring, silence and many behaviours that can pass unnoticed, but contribute to the isolation of an individual.

Some people are quite blatant about it and will throw off anyone who causes them inconvenience. Others will try to hide it and think of excuses and use circumstances to leave someone out in the cold.

The Saviour Jesus knows all about it. The people in this world reject Him, despite what He has done for them. He knows and feels the crushing weight of loneliness and sorrow of being left out, and the terrible pain of rejection from those closest to Him, and who He so loved. He draws near to the broken hearted and binds up their wounds. People who suffer this know His presence most keenly and recognise His voice when He speaks.

The Lord Jesus was rejected because of who He is and His perfect example of how to live. People don’t like that, as it challenges them, so they finally got rid of Him and rejoiced at His suffering. If you suffer in this way, don’t be discouraged, as you must be following the path of Christ. Look at those who oppress you. Are they Christ-like? Keep to the way set before you and make friends with people going in the same direction. God will help you and give you strength that you didn’t know you had.

“Out of his fullness we have all received grace in place of grace already given.”

John 1:16

Grace abounds to those who believe. You will never be rejected by your Lord. He gives grace and then more grace every day, that meets all our needs. Why worry about rejectors and oppressors? They will have their day. Only the grace of God can rescue us, forgive us and make us what He would have us be. Rejoice in the rejection, because you follow your Saviour as you walk that road. One day, very soon, He will return and all who have been side-lined will then rejoice with joy unspeakable. “Behold He comes” and we will reign with Him in eternal glory. Praise His glorious name forever.

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