Song of Songs 1:2


“Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth— for your love is more delightful than wine.”

Straight in with romantic and sexual passion. True desires asks for the deep intimacy that brings lips together and is so pure and fulfilling. The woman desires the man to kiss her on the mouth. She is overcome with love and the devotion that comes from a heart given freely. She desires Him because He desires her. This is mutual love and desire to be together at all times. It is not normal to want intimacy and yet be happy apart.

The Woman appeals to the Lord. She asks the Lord that He will let her true love kiss her on the mouth. This is the sacred place, the place of fellowship and privilege. To know the Lord and be guided by Him, is the greatest of situations. He will guide His people continually.

The kisses she seeks are from His mouth. The reciprocation of true and heartfelt desire. This is the place of communion and the marriage of true love. Not every kiss is such a kiss but is reserved for truth and justice and fellowship.

These kisses are true and the sweetest of the wine of communion. The old testament echoes the instigation of the Love Feast of the broken bread and the wine that speak of the remembrance of the love of Christ. Communion with Him in His sufferings and the enjoyment of forgiveness and the peace of God. The kisses of love are sweeter than any wine, and the kisses of Christ are sweet to them taste of the believer.

To be in that close place with Christ is the desire of every Christian soul. To be in the closeness of that place and to feel the touch of his face upon ours, and to know the kiss of his lips on ours, is the closest place to be. This is where we grow. This is where we become strong in the Lord and we become like him and love and sacred passion. Oh that our kisses with Christ would be like sweet wine, that we would meet with Him in His true communion and experience that closeness every time we come into His presence.

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