Song of Songs 1:1


Introduction to the Song of Songs

Songs songs is a unique document it is one of the Megillot scrolls, found in the last section the old testament is of the Hebrew Bible and is it part of Proverbs Ecclesiastes and other wisdom books. The picture in this writing, is regarded as a romance a story between God and Israelite people; between God and those who truly believe in him; as well between the Lord Jesus and his church. It also shows the love between believers in their relationship with each other, and together as a church body in Christ,  and also believers in the individual relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

It was read after the night of the Passover, and was a blessing of love to all who heard the words of this amazing book. It is romance. It is romance on the big scale between God and the people that he loves. It also is romance on the smaller scale between gods people and each other. It is also remains on a huge scale between the people Who love the Lord Jesus Christ and their individual relationship with him.

This book has much to offer us but unfortunately it’s often ignored. Is regarded just an informal worldly point of you as a book about romance, and the love between a man and a woman. But this is to ignore the deep meaning of the book, and the love God has for his people it surpasses romantic love and yet for fills up and validates its power and eternal bonds that is holds for those who love in this way. 

The body of Holy Scripture is deep and eternal. We cannot reduce it to one aspect of life or narrowly interpret it according to culture, tradition or education. It is the unchanging and challenging word of God.

God is not afraid to use different genres to get his message across. He’s not afraid of love or sex, because he invented them in the first place. His message of salvation and love for the human race is portrayed for us here as a story of sexual love. It does not have a story pattern as such it does not seem to have I straightforward structure but is the conversations between the man and the woman- tween the two lovers we love each other with all of their hearts. Expressing the love in terms of passion; in terms of sexual desire; and in terms of lifelong devotion- eternal devotion to each other. We can find this in this life but we may not. But even so we find it, for all of us in Christ, adoring him i’m loving him all our lives long. He is the Lover, He is the lover of our souls and provides for us and  rescues us from this present evil age.

The two lovers rejoice in each others company and rejoice to spend sexual time together and touch and enjoy the closeness of the bodies prepared for them. Their songs reflect this, songs above all love songs, is a series of songs that makes this God- authored Song above all.

This book is a turn on. It will awaken desire and cause us to want to enter in. We can access that in the physical, and also the spiritual, emotional and intellectual. It tends not to be read, or read openly, because of the sexual content. We become prudish very quickly and separate sex from life and become judges with filthy hearts.

In modern Judaism, the song is read at the end of Passover, and the beginning of the release from the slavery in Egypt. It is the ultimate love letter from God to His people, and they relish the love He pours out to them. The Israelites read it every year, it was so important to them. We do not appear quite so interested and we fail to see beyond the obvious and miss the deeper message that God would have us see.

There is a structure of sorts, but not like any other Bible book.

• Introduction (1:1–6)

• Dialogue between the lovers (1:7–2:7)

• The woman recalls a visit from her lover (2:8–17)

• The woman addresses the daughters of Zion (3:1–5)

• Sighting a royal wedding procession (3:6–11)

• The man describes his lover’s beauty (4:1–5:1)

• The woman addresses the daughters of Jerusalem (5:2–6:4)

• The man describes his lover, who visits him (6:5–12)

• Observers describe the woman’s beauty (6:13–8:4)

• Appendix (8:5–14)

Let us look into this book and examine the layers of depths, the language and the sentiment expressed here in this Song over all other songs.

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