Like the moon


Once for all, I have sworn by my holiness—and I will not lie to David— that his line will continue forever and his throne endure before me like the sun; it will be established forever like the moon, the faithful witness in the sky.”  Psalm 89:35-37

David’s kingly line was the human outworking of the grace of God to all people. David was the second king of Israel and his heart was like God’s heart. He loved the Lord his God and trusted in Him, and did great exploits.

David was also guilty of great sins and fell into a period of spiritual dullness and therefore was disobedient to the commandments. He committed dreadful sins and was insensible to the magnitude of what he did. The prophet Nathan, had to speak to him about it, before he repented and returned to fellowship with God.

Yet God still points to David as a type of the coming Saviour, Jesus the Lord, who’s kingdom will never fail. The throne of Christ the king will stand forever and all power and energy will come from Him, as the sun of righteousness. All spiritual life will emanate from Christ, just as physical life is supported by our star, the sun.

The throne of God in Christ will be established as the moon. The moon is not a light source, but reflects the glory of the sun. So also the Christian and the group of Christian known as the church of Christ. We reflect His glory in what we do and say.

The moon is above us and every day it reflects the light of the sun, especially in the darkest night. It shines out as a faithful mirror to the glory of the life-giving sun. So also the Christian. When people look at us, do they see the light and life of God, or are we showing something else? I am not talking about dead orthodoxy, but the very semblance of the God who is light. We reflect the life of Christ in deeds of kindness and love, and paying attention to those who struggle, as we ourselves do.

Those with the mind and heart of Christ, learn from their own struggles and bless others with all spiritual blessings. Those who shine with the reflected glory of the Son, will endure forever, and will shine like stars in the sky, when all this dark world is over.

Remember how fleeting is my life. For what futility you have created all humanity!”   Psalm 89:47

Don’t waste your life, or the sorrow you have known, but shine the light and others will come to the light and find Him to be everything they need. To be the reflection of the Saviour is our true destiny. God’s holiness will be reflected in us.

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