Lord, be my help


“LORD, be my help”

Psalm 30:10

This is a heartfelt prayer. No fancy language, semantics or flowery expressions of love. When we feel our need acutely, we pray this prayer.

We ask Him who is the Lord of all things and our own personal Lord. We know Him from past experience and we have faith in Him, who has never let us down. He is dependable, powerful and willing to save and help.

Be my help. This is a necessary prayer. Without the help of our Saviour and Lord, we will certainly perish. Truth be told, there is no other help. Any human help is worthless and no human friend can help us when the pathway becomes too rough. We call out to Him.

We do not just ask for His help, but that He Himself will be our help. The help is in knowing our God and wanting His presence with us at all times. God is our help. He is always our help. To understand Him and His Word is life and all the help we need.

“Lord, be my help..”

The prayer of the humble saint.

The expression of faith in the living God.

The humble petition in trouble.

The longing of the loving heart.

The watchword at the gates of death.

The song of glory in the heavenly land…

“Lord, be my help..”

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