Stress and guilt are the reasons for Christmas
Making arrangements and buying the presents
Worry about the choices we make
Will everyone like the mince pies and cake.?
The shops are full of noise and tinsel
Headache and heartburn the over-riding principal
Decorate the house for the children to enjoy
Reinforce the aptitude for joy that will cloy
On the day I can hardly get out of bed
Tired and irritable I face the food that is fed
When the presents are open and I sit by the fire
I close my eyes and another view will transpire
I see the stable, the mother and baby
A father who stands over his family ready
To protect and care for this small, little boy
Who saves us all from the sins that destroy
Those lies that pull us into the wants of this life
Bringing such pain, failure and strife
He bursts the chains of the prison asunder
Opening eyes to gaze upon the wonder.
In the middle of life I am reminded of death
He came to redeem us from shibboleth
There is more than we see and a life in the soul
He has ransomed the penetant and made them whole.

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