This is all…


It’s impossible to know or work out another persons mind… we cannot even work out our own selves…!

Jesus said. “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven. Give, and it will be given to you…” This is all… 

It is impossible to ‘know your own mind.’ We think we know what we like, but in reality we like what we know. Our thought processes become so narrow and we lock ourselves up in cages so that we don’t have to cope with change. Change requires effort and discretion and it’s easier to just do what you have always done and be quiet. Someone else will sort it all out and fix the problems. 

Life can grind to a halt. There is no growth or learning and we are unable to pass experience on, because we have no certainty that what we are living is true. We say we love Christ and know the Word of God, and yet cannot live it in daily life. We are not like Him. We are earth bound and satisfied with an easy life which we mistake for faith. 

Faith becomes torpid. We do not live Christ or show Christ. He means less to us as time goes by rather than more. It all becomes theoretical and spiritual life is our duty at church. We have no real devotion and seem happy with that state.

The Spirit of God is grieved. We fear God at the beginning of wisdom, but never progress. We start the heavenly road, but spend all our time in the wayside. We are forgiven and made new, but walk along covered in dust. We are always discouraged and always needing support. We never grow up to bear the burdens of others, or make sacrifices for the sake of another. 

To say goodbye to self and consider the way of life and how to bring another into that way, is the way to life and peace. But we must gain a heart of wisdom… we need to see beyond the here and now and think ultimate long term.

We need to be afraid. Worried about what God thinks of us rather than what we think about Him and His Word. 

There is a life that is greater and more powerful than we could ever know. A life that can humble itself and give up its good for the good of others. It is not popular. It is aware of the Spirit within and is full of joy. This is all…

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