Lack of air


Lack of prayer very quickly impinges on purity and holiness. We quickly grow cold and temptations start to appear attractive. We excuse ourselves and leave off the strenuous effort of being holy people of God.

“Pray without ceasing.”

This does not suit the flesh of our body or mindset. Yet the instruction stands. The pathway of prayer into the presence of God, should always be open. Our Christian walk with God is a constant communion with Him. When we fail and sin, we can immediately find forgiveness with God. When we are in need and are experiencing doubt, we have instant access to the presence of God, who keeps us.

Prayer is the fresh air of the Christian. Without constant prayer we die. The vibrancy of our Christian work and witness grows dim and becomes ineffective. Prayer is personal and powerful. A Christian with no prayer is impossible.

When we lack the practice of prayer we lack all power, assurance and love. We will not succeed in our walk with God if we give up and forget to talk with our Saviour and Lord. But the constant communion with the Holy Spirit of God will make us able and willing and full of strength to live for God. Prayer makes us holy. Prayer makes us willing. Prayer makes us just like Him…

Lack of air, neglected prayer….

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