Dark space


Death is a certainty. It has a 100% success rate. Wether we die young or old, we still all die. Death cannot be robbed of its prey and every human soul feels its clutches around them. Death is for everyone. It does not discriminate and is totally inclusive. 

Our human bodies wear out, get sick and die. There is no escape. There are a few who experienced death and were raised again by the Prince of Life. Yet they were held fast again by death another time. No one lives who was alive at the beginning. The generations come to pass and then pass on. The sum of human endeavour cannot be measured, since every age must learn its lessons again and again. 

One only has conquered this rampant foe. Only one lived and died and lived again, and still lives forever. Only He lived a perfect life, so death had no hold on Him and could not detain Him behind bars. He by His total power and holiness, was able to break the bonds and walk freely out of the grave. Death at last was finished. It had no more power to terrify and imprison the human body or soul. 

All those who believe in the risen Christ, share in His deliverance. The Christian faces death like all others, but delighted in the victory once won for them on the cross of Calvary- the cross of death. Their Lord once succumbed, but on the third day, raised Himself to life forever. All those who believe have the same victory that He won. There is a glorious resurrection morning for all who repent and believe in the Lord Jesus and trust in His redeeming death on that cruel cross. 

Death is not the end for the Christian, it is the gateway into eternal life and the freedom from death forever. This is the sure and certain hope of the believer. The step across the threshold of eternity is just one more step along the upward way with Jesus their Saviour. 

Death is not the end for the unbeliever also. But there is no hope as they face the cold hand of death. Those who refuse Christ will get the death that they choose. Death beyond the grave is the second death. There is no hope and no resurrection to life from that place. Those who settle for the things of this life, surrender to the god of this world and acquiesce all freedom. They are forever imprisoned in the land of darkness and death. Who would choose such a destination? 

Death – the last enemy.

Faith changes death into the final portal to enter the heavenly kingdom. We taste death only for a moment and then into the eternal kingdom. This is because Jesus came and tasted death for our sakes, so that we would not be overcome in the deep, dark waters. May we trust Him and walk in His light. 

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